Snow in Beijing

Hello dear readers. Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I just had one of my wisdom tooth extracted. Thinking of doing a post on it soon. Just want to write a short post. A photo of Beijing while snowing, unfortunately I can't take a clear picture of it snowing, nonetheless it was beautiful. This was back… Continue reading Snow in Beijing


Bangkok Lights

Hello! Beautiful lights of Bangkok. This photo was taken last year on a bridge, stop for a moment to capture this amazing view. That big building is Central World. Shopping paradise. Just one simple photo for today. I've loads more. If any of you guys want to see more, do let me know, I'll be… Continue reading Bangkok Lights

Copper Head Road

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. 🙂 A little post tonight, just want to share a new nail polish I got a few months back, finally used it. I love love love Rubi's nail polishes. It's affordable and dries up pretty fast too! If you don't already know, Rubi is Cotton On's sister… Continue reading Copper Head Road

Oiso / Miso Korean Restaurant

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you guys had a good week 🙂 Since I've been talking about the the Korean shop in my uni in my last post, and I had it today, I decided to write on it today. 🙂 I am not too sure about the name of the restaurant, it's either Miso or… Continue reading Oiso / Miso Korean Restaurant

Mi Na Rae Korean Restaurant

Hello everyone! I'll be posting some yummy pictures today. 😀 I went to a Korean restaurant, Mi Na Rae in Sri Petaling recently with my family, 6 of us. Ever since I tried the Korean restaurant in uni, I've been a little obsessed with it. 🙂 Although I don't eat beef, there are still many… Continue reading Mi Na Rae Korean Restaurant

Mini Haul of Books to Phone Covers

Good day everyone! I’ve a mini haul featuring some goodies my mom got for me while she was in Bangkok. 😀 Absolutely love Bangkok! Firstly, I’ve used my book voucher to buy two language CD/ books (Korean and Thai) and a recipe book by Sorted. Love the Sorted boys! Reason for buying the Korean and… Continue reading Mini Haul of Books to Phone Covers


Good day everyone! Nostalgia, I don't know if it's only me but when I listen, smell or see something, that means something to me makes me reminisce of the memories from the past. For example, when I listen to Pixie Lott's album, 'Turn It Up', it will always remind me of my Bangkok vacation with all of… Continue reading Nostalgic