Good day everyone! 

Nostalgia, I don’t know if it’s only me but when I listen, smell or see something, that means something to me makes me reminisce of the memories from the past. 

For example, when I listen to Pixie Lott’s album, ‘Turn It Up’, it will always remind me of my Bangkok vacation with all of my family and relatives, back in 2009. Maybe it’s because I was listening to her album for the most of the time there. Not only that album makes me think of my vacation. Songs like J. Lo’s On The Floor, reminds me of my prom back in 2012. Certain songs that are always on radio, always stand for the beginning of a new chapter of my life, university. I quite like how the songs reminds me of good memories, or sometimes bad. Good or bad memories, it’s a part of you now. 

Smells, my father has this habit of putting fresheners at home, and there is this particular smell that reminds me of when I was back in Form 5, because that smell is always there when I was revising. Recently, my father used the fresheners once again, totally reminded me of the old times. 

Of course, seeing something, like a picture or an object reminds me of where the object come from, etc. However, not all the objects have sentimental value to me, therefore, there is no memories about it. Only certain objects. 🙂 

Don’t know what this post will be categorized, lifestyle? 

See you guys later! 🙂 


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