Mini Haul of Books to Phone Covers

Good day everyone!

I’ve a mini haul featuring some goodies my mom got for me while she was in Bangkok. 😀

Absolutely love Bangkok!

Firstly, I’ve used my book voucher to buy two language CD/ books (Korean and Thai) and a recipe book by Sorted. Love the Sorted boys!

Reason for buying the Korean and Thai language book, because we, (my family) often go to Thailand, so learning Thai would make communicating with the locals easier. As for Korean we started to watch Korean variety shows and my mom is watching Korean drama, if we understand then it’ll be easier to watch without subtitles. 🙂


Always wanted to learn a new language. It’ll come to use in the future, I hope.


And of course the recipe book that I can’t wait to use the book! I love watching them cook on YouTube. So entertaining and the food always look so yummy!


My lovely mom was in Bangkok, ‘shopping heaven’. So I asked her to buy a few things for me, and she managed to find them! Most of them are iPhone covers because I love collecting them! I’ve thrown some because they were in a state where it’s time to go. Old ones go new one comes!


And also a mini set of Lancôme lip-glosses. So adorable and I love the colors!

Thank you so much mom! 😀

Back to assignments!

See you soon! 🙂


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