Oiso / Miso Korean Restaurant

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you guys had a good week 🙂

Since I’ve been talking about the the Korean shop in my uni in my last post, and I had it today, I decided to write on it today. 🙂

I am not too sure about the name of the restaurant, it’s either Miso or Oiso.


Today I had Sunbudu Jjigae, that has seafood, tofu and some vegetable in it. Delicious.

Following are the pictures of what I’ve had. 🙂


Kimchi pancake. Loved it 😉Image

Kimchi Ramen. Also delicious! Although it was spicy and it’s also hot at the same time! But totally enjoyed it.


Doenjang Jjigae. This is bean paste soup. This is great for those who can’t take spicy, pretty good, for personally I like spicy, so I prefer Sunbudu Jjigae/ Kimchi Jjigae. 🙂

I’ve had the seafood pancake and kimchi jjigae but I didn’t take a photo of it.

I loved Korean cuisine after trying this!

See you guys soon!



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