Snow in Beijing

Hello dear readers. 

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I just had one of my wisdom tooth extracted. Thinking of doing a post on it soon. 

Just want to write a short post. 


A photo of Beijing while snowing, unfortunately I can’t take a clear picture of it snowing, nonetheless it was beautiful. This was back in December 2012. 🙂 

This is my first time experiencing snow falling down. Other times is when I was in Gothenburg, there was only a little snow flakes, I didn’t get to see the snow falling. Another time is in Oslo, I only got to see the snow all over the place, it was so white and magical. 

Speaking of Oslo and the scenery, when I was taking off from Oslo to Bangkok, the view from the plane was magnificent. I was so blown away, I didn’t even get to take a photo of it. The mountains were covered with snow, the rivers were beautiful, and the sun was setting. A sight I can never forget. I hope to see it again, this time, I’ll take a photo of it. 

So happy I finally got the chance to experience snow falling in Beijing. Shopping is amazing there! 

Also got to see the super cute pandas! It was so cold, the first visit to the zoo, all the pandas were sleeping. We went again on another day, fortunately they were all awake. What an adorable animal. 

This is it for tonight. Still trying to heal from the extraction. 🙂 

Goodnight! See you sooon! 


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