Hello there! 

Just wanted to update with an OOTD. I’m sure a lot of you guys know what that means, just in case if you don’t, OOTD stands for outfit of the day. 

My friend, Sarah randomly took this picture, so I thought I would do a simple OOTD. 🙂 


A chiffon butterfly shirt with leopard prints with plain jeans and black strapped wedges. 

I did wear a dark camisole under the chiffon shirt. 

It’s the last day for this semester! This sem went by so fast :O 

I had lots of fun this sem. Now, just gotta finish finals and then a super long semester break! 

See you soon! 


A Sunday filled with good food

Hello! Happy Labour Day. 

Hope everyone had a good day, or having a good day.

Last Sunday, I went out with my mom and sister. We went and shop a little, but ate lots of yummy food! 🙂 

I’ll jump straight in to the pictures! 


Oopsie, didn’t know the picture will turn out so blurry. 

We had a yummy lunch at Nando’s! Always love Nando’s. 😀 

I had a chicken burger, and my mom and sis shared half a chicken. Side lines, of course I’ve to have my grilled vegetables! And also Peri Chips. Yummm! Image



After that, we went to New Zealand Natural, an icecream place. It was only RM 3.90, we only got one cause we were full from lunch. 🙂 



I can’t recall the name, but it was something chocolate. Not bad. 

Speaking of icecream, I really want to try the Häagen Daz’s Salted Caramel. I love anything with salt and caramel! 

After that, we walked around Sunway for another 2 hours and had some snacks at Hui Lau San. A dessert place, famous for their mango desserts. Initially, we wanted to go to Tong Pak Fu, but it was full and the waiter didn’t even ask us to wait, if he did, we would have waited for a table, but all he said was “Sorry, we’re full now.” Bad service. On the other side, Hui Lan San had superb service, the workers were working really fast and they were friendly. They have the initiative to ask us to wait for a table, unlike Tong Pak Fu. Enough of my rant and here are the photos. 


My little sister ordered this, no idea what it is called. In fact, I can’t remember any of the dessert’s name. Hehe. It’s mango ice-cream, mango mochi, and glutinous ball in blended mango smoothie. I loved it all, especially the mango mochi and glutinous ball. 🙂 


I ordered this, a mixture of everything, minus the mango mochi, which I actually bought some home. 😛 



We shared this. This is basically glutinous ball with sesame seeds and crushed peanuts (I think) It’s pretty yummy. 🙂


This is really yummy, we ordered one then ordered another one. It is fried radish cake. We loved it. So delicious! 

That is all we ate for that day. It’s a day full of good food. 😉 

See you soon!