View of Stockholm from the plane

View of Stockholm from the plane

Picture taken mid take off. Though I still have yet to visit Stockholm, I suppose it’s as beautiful as the picture. If you are wondering, this is a Boeing 777-200.


DKNY Travel Edition Perfume

Hej hej!

It has been a long time since I last posted. Finished with finals, got my results a few days back, came back from a holiday to Göteborg, Sweden and some other places. Now I’m back home! And no longer jetlagged!

While on the way to Göteborg, I bought a little something while transiting in Bangkok. I had my DKNY Fresh Blossom perfume for a while now. At the airport, my mom saw the miniature/travel size ones with 4 different scents, all from the same collection. [DKNY Be Delicious, DKNY Golden Delicious, DKNY Fresh Blossom, and DNKY Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense]


How cute is the packaging?! I love miniature products!


A comparison of my 30ml and the 7ml.


Don’t think I wanna use them. It looks nice on the shelf. All of them smell great!

Till next time! 🙂