#5 July

Hello there!


Sunset from rear mirror, not the best quality but still I really liked the picture. Beautiful sunset, it was prettier in real life. I found it interesting to take a picture like this instead of the typical sunset shot, and I was in the car at that time 🙂

Speaking of cars, I’m relearning how to drive again. Have not been driving since I got my license, which was a year ago.

Driving is challenging.

Been driving around the neighbourhood with my father and today has been the hardest. Don’t know why, felt not like myself. Even my father felt it, he said I was scared. Indeed I was.

Definitely need more practices, not rushing or anything. It has been a long day, and it’s FRIDAY!

Usually I really like Fridays because its the end of the week, but for now I don’t really bother what day it is because I’m on my semester break. Back to university in August, 19th August to be precise.



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