#7 July

It’s already 7th July! How quick was that?

Today’s photo is a photo from a couple of years ago.

I used to have curly/ wavy waist long hair (not natural, permed) then after having long hair for quite some time I decided to have a change, I cut about 8-10 inches off (2010). That was nice, then I grew it out again but this time, only until my chest (2010- mid 2012) and then cut it off again. Huge change, had a pixie cut last year, which I really liked.

My hair had gone through lots of things, straightening (permanent), perming (permanent), highlighting, dying and the usual cutting/ trimming.

Lots of changes on my hair, if I keep writing, it’ll be a long long post. Maybe one day I’ll write more information on my hair changes.


So, this is a 4 strand braid. Super love it, the look is quite special compared to a normal braid.

It’s really simple, practice makes perfect! Took me literally 10-20 minutes to learn that! Anyone can do it. 😀

That’s all for tonight.



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