#8 July

Hello 🙂
Blogging from my phone today, trying it out.


A post on cereal today! Who doesn’t love cereal?!

My sister, Christy recently found out that Jaya Grocer sells Lucky Charms cereal. She had wanted to try it ever since.. I can’t remember, but it was a while.

Jaya Grocer sells mostly imported products, and we don’t have Lucky Charms cereal in our local Giant(s) or Tesco(s). Although I want to try it, I didn’t want to want to buy it, because of the price, it was about RM23 for a box. Conpared to normal cereal which cost around RM7/8 a box, RM23 is quite expensive. However, my sister insisted and my mom got it for her. Oh well, we don’t eat it all the time, so whatever.

We tried it and fell in love with it immediately. Super delicious! Though the price is ridiculous. But so delicious. Yummmmms. We almost finish eating it in 3 days!

We heard of Lucky Charms from a beauty YouTuber, Zoella. One of my favourite YouTubers, do check her out. She just posted a new video! Loved it.

Lucky charms! What a random post tonight.

Now I’m off to watch Running Man’s latest episode. Wheeeee!


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