#10 July

Good evening!

I’m feeling much better today but still have flu. Oh well.


Sorry for the poor quality photo, took it with my iPhone.

Anyway, I’ve been on Iwillbot‘s YouNow show a lot lately. It’s so nice to listen to him play, and the viewers get to request songs too!

I requested a few songs, my two favourites, River Flows In You and Canon in D. Absolutely love those two pieces. Don’t think I can ever get bored with it. 🙂

I found his YouTube channel 4 years ago, that’s so long! Such an amazing pianist and he’s so nice. Go check him out, here.

A picture of my piano, since its a music related post. I used to have lessons for about two years.

Then I stopped playing, and started playing by ear. The thing is, I can only play by ear with my right hand, I find it pretty weird.

Still enjoy playing once in a while, really want to learn Canon in D and River Flows in You.

Hope everyone is having a good day!


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