Plane Food

Hello there! I've been lacking of posts, mainly because I wanted to take a little break. Hope everyone is well. ūüôā Today, I'll be talking about plane food. I quite enjoy plane food, and actually really like it too. I've mentioned this in my previous blog post, click here if you want to check it… Continue reading Plane Food



I have been thinking, I feel like I've changed over the part year.¬†In many ways, the way I think, eat, my perception of some people changed (which is quite sad really).¬†A year or two ago, I did not know how to appreciate K-pop or K-drama. I will be, what is this? I don't understand. But… Continue reading Changes

19th Birthday

Hello!¬†Yesterday was my 19th birthday and I decided to blog about it.¬†I had a great birthday with my family and friends.¬†My family and I went for my birthday brunch a few days earlier as my actual birthday is on a weekday, where everyone was working. So we celebrated earlier.¬†I had a birthday voucher/coupon from Pinch… Continue reading 19th Birthday

Favourite Food?

As I am writing this, I am torturing myself with pictures of Japanese and Korean food.I am so hungry! I hope dinner is ready. Hehe.¬†Favourite food, what's your favourite food?¬†To be honest, I don't know what mine is, I love Japanese, Korean, Italian, Western, Chinese, everything!¬†I can't choose.¬†SUSHI! I enjoyed this so much.¬†I really like… Continue reading Favourite Food?