IKEA craze

Hello everyone.

Today, I’ll be sharing my experience in IKEA yesterday.

It’s not my first time to IKEA, but the crowd yesterday was crazy! There were basically people in every corner, even in the washroom. Mainly because it was a public holiday here.


I went there with my family members, my mum wanted to replace my cosmetic table with a dresser, and I wanted to buy some bits and bobs. A picture to show how busy the IKEA restaurant were.

We got there, it was jam packed at the car park, they even closed a couple of entrance to the car park. Luckily when we got in, there was a family going out. So we didn’t hassle for a parking spot.

We were hungry, so we decided to eat at the IKEA restaurant. Usually, it’ll be packed, but yesterday it was extra packed! This was about 4.30pm.

So we split up looking for an empty table, correction, waiting for tables and some went and buy food. My sister was waiting for this table, a family with three kids. They already finished their meal and yet they are still sitting there in the midst of packed people looking for tables.

  • It’s fine to sit there if you’re still eating, but what bothers me is that they are done eating, and there are so much of people waiting for a table. If you’re done eating, can’t you just get up and leave so that others get a seat?

Fortunately, we got a table, it was right beside that family who didn’t want to move.

My mum, sister, cousin and myself ordered a chicken meal which required knives to cut them up obviously, but there wasn’t any knives left. So we were only left with spoon and forks. (Continuation in the next few paragraphs)


We finished our meal and went to the washroom.

  • The washroom incident, as I mentioned as above, even in the washroom there are lots of people. Everyone in the washroom was waiting in a line, and then a woman decides to come in and just jump right in front of the queue, I was going to scold her but I just kept quiet and told my mum, “If she goes in the toilet, and cuts the queue, I will block her way.” I was glaring at her the whole time. The thing is she didn’t go to the toilet after one comes out, so I don’t know what was happening. Can’t just people queue up for their turn?

After we come out from the toilet and met up, my mum saw a women took so much knives that she didn’t even touched!

  • Can’t people just take what they need? Why do you have to take more, others that needs knives can’t even use them. So selfish.

Next, we were looking at dressers. I saw a little boy carried by his father, I assume. The little boy was standing on one of the dresser and above the dresser was the price/advertisement for the dresser. The little boy was pulling and playing with it, obviously he don’t know he shouldn’t pull the thing off. When I saw it, the advertisement is already half torn down, so I tried to tell the father that it’s dangerous but he didn’t care. Afterwards, an employee came and fixed the advertisement.

  • I don’t understand why didn’t he tell his kid not to play with it, even though it’s dangerous. What if the thing really fell off? Oh well, tried to tell, but he couldn’t even be bothered.

Then we went continued shopping and everything.

This is my rant on my trip to IKEA yesterday.

I actually really enjoy going to IKEA, it makes me feel I’m in a different country for some reason.

If you do read until here, thanks for reading my rant.

Also, Selamat Hari Raya to all who celebrate šŸ™‚


Disclaimer. No one mentioned was in the photos above.


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