19th Birthday


Yesterday was my 19th birthday and I decided to blog about it. 

I had a great birthday with my family and friends. 

My family and I went for my birthday brunch a few days earlier as my actual birthday is on a weekday, where everyone was working. So we celebrated earlier. 

I had a birthday voucher/coupon from Pinch A Salt which has a lot of choices of restaurants, so I chose Italiannies. 🙂 


Here are the yummy food! Also, the manager (I assume the man was the manager) asked whose birthday we’re celebrating because I had the voucher, and he gave me a cake and even sang a birthday song. It was so nice of him and the staff. 

On the 13th of August, I went out with my friends to celebrate! It was so fun. 😀 

They got me presents and a muffin because they knew I was going to have cake later that day. No photos of that cause I ate it right after I reached home. Thanks guys! 🙂 

My mum bought my favourite red velvet cake! Thanks mummy! It is so delicious! 


Presents! Thanks everyone! 


Thank you everyone who Facebook, text, tweet, called me to wish me! 🙂 

Last teenage year! 


What a great birthday! 



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