I have been thinking, I feel like I’ve changed over the part year. 

In many ways, the way I think, eat, my perception of some people changed (which is quite sad really). 

A year or two ago, I did not know how to appreciate K-pop or K-drama. I will be, what is this? I don’t understand. But today, I actually am starting to like it. 🙂 I just finished watching We Got Married Global Edition, I only watched the Taec and Emma part, and cried when they separated but it was a good ending. 🙂 

Also, a year ago, I cared a lot about unimportant things. Now, I have some experience that made me thought to me self, “Is this really that worth it, to pay so much attention to?”. Now I care less about unimportant things. 

I have a very unhealthy lifestyle. I don’t exercise and I eat a lot of junk food. I realized that it’s not good. I decided to start doing something about it. I don’t eat McDonalds for this year, that’s one of my New Year’s resolution. Thing is I have not craved for it. That’s good. I also try to stop drinking soft drinks. Eat more greens and cook more! Cut down on all the junk! 

This makes me pretty sad. This year, I saw a different side of some people in my life. My whole perception of them totally changed, I can’t even look at them the same way as before. That’s about it for this. 

A decent post, not too long and not too short. 

What are things that you’ve changed about yourself this past year? 



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