iPhone Covers Collection

I’m in the mood of writing even though I’m suppose to be studying for midterms.

I found a picture on my Instagram, I posted on the 2nd of June 2012.

However, I can’t find the actual photo I posted on Instagram. So, I print screen it and cropped it, excuse the excessive filter.


I love my phone, so I have ‘some’ phone & iPod covers. The photo above was from June 2012.


This is my updated covers! Though I forgot to take the other two covers, somewhere in my room. I can’t find it. So, now I have 13! Some of it are still new, like the shiny diamond-like cover, I don’t really have an occasion to use it.

Unfortunately, I drop my phone too often when I was using the yellow cover and the cover eventually broke. 😦 I liked the cover so much!

These days, I often don’t put on my covers anymore because I don’t really have a reason for it.

For people like me, it is encouraged to put on the cover because I always always always drop my phone! Luckily, nothing has smashed or crashed or anything like that.

Most of my covers are bought in Bangkok, because it is so affordable. Of course, not all are affordable.

I try not to buy covers here, unless it is super cheap!

Do you collect covers as well?

I also have posted previously here, on a haul of phone covers and other goodies.

First shoes, second covers, what else?


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