Shoe Obsession

I thought of writing this for my feature writing assignment but I didn't have enough source, research, and what not, so I decided it would be a short blog entry instead. (ps. I wrote this earlier, like right after I posted my previous post, I immediately wrote this because I was in the mood. Maybe… Continue reading Shoe Obsession



It's Friday! I went out for coffee and window shopping with my friend after class. That was nice. Onto the things I would like to talk about today. People. I was writing a short feature article for one of my assignment and it got me thinking. There are lots of people in this world. Different… Continue reading Personalities

Technology back in 2010

Hello! I finally connected my email to my Mail app on my laptop and discovered all the old emails. I wasn't expecting that and I have over 2000+ mails, which is quite average because I know people who has a lot more than that. I went through, trying to delete them and found that I use Twitter… Continue reading Technology back in 2010


Border Line

Hello! I know I wanted to post something today but didn't know what to write on. So, I decided to share this photo. It's the border line of Sweden (left) and Norway (right). One of my favourites. Thanks for dropping by! x


One Thing

Have you ever had such a great day then something happened it all turned went downhill? All because of one thing. Well, it happened to me tonight. I had such a great day then BAM, that one thing happened. It's nothing major, but it did affected my mood. Just a question can change the situation, may it be good… Continue reading One Thing


Missing Items

Hello there! Ever lose something and then you find it? Best. Feeling. Ever. I've been searching for my camera for a while now and there is still no signs of it. Where did it go? Usually, I misplace my phone a lot, but it'll eventually be found. Especially in my bag. I don't know what else to do now.… Continue reading Missing Items


Sunset or Sunrise?

Sunday afternoon. Every time I travel, I always ask for the window seat. Reason being that I like to watch the plane take off and landing. I am not sure if I have mentioned this previously, but it is very fascinating. Especially long haul flights, there is a chance of seeing the sunset or sunrise. Such a beautiful view.   x