Shoe Obsession

I thought of writing this for my feature writing assignment but I didn’t have enough source, research, and what not, so I decided it would be a short blog entry instead. (ps. I wrote this earlier, like right after I posted my previous post, I immediately wrote this because I was in the mood. Maybe I’ll stop blogging for a while now, since I’m on a roll now. Time to get to the point.)

I have loved shoes since I can’t even remember. To me, its not just something that protects your feet, its also an accessory. A pair of shoes adds on to your outfit. I don’t care how dramatic it may sound, but it’s true! (I hope other shoe-obsessed fans agree with me.)

A few years back, I used to simply buy shoes, especially when it’s cheap! Bangkok is a great place to shop for cheap wedges, I bought one a few years back and it lasted me for a long long time, unfortunately its time was over because I wore it everywhere I go and it matched every outfit.

Why are shoes important to me? Again, it adds to an element to an outfit. Well, if I am feeling dressy, I will give some thoughts and pay more time to my outfit. There are times I really don’t care how I look like. Maybe it’s like how some people like headbands? Blair Waldorf? Or even bags! 

Now, I started wearing heels when I was 12 or 13 years old. I fell in love with them. My mum wouldn’t let me wear sky-high heels, because I always complain that my back hurts. Which makes me very sad, because high heels make me feel confident. The higher the heel, the better. Of course to a certain extend. Oh, I love the sound the heels make especially on wooden floor. I’m beginning to sound like a lunatic. Excuse me while I rant about my love for heels.

To add on to my love of heels, I got my eyes on this beautiful pair of peeped-toe-gold-glittered-tip-black satin heels. I did not get that because it was apparently ‘sky-high’, and my mum was saying, no, you should get the red pair. So I got the red pair, which I posted a photo on my Instagram. Ever since that day, every time I’m at that particular shopping mall I go to that shop to see that pair of heels. Its there, I feel so sad leaving it there, feels like no one appreciates the beauty of that pair of heels. That poor pair of heels, sitting in the rack, waiting for someone to purchase it and bring it home and love it. Now, I’m really sound like a bloody lunatic. Excuse me once again.

I should stop writing now, in case I write any more rubbish that non-shoeholics can understand. Time to go and do something productive now, though I feel like I won’t be doing anything productive today. I’m kind of delirious tonight (Must be the coffee). Sorry! Kinda wish there was a nice photo of a pair of heels to add in this post, hmm. 

What are your obsessions? 




It’s Friday!

I went out for coffee and window shopping with my friend after class. That was nice.

Onto the things I would like to talk about today.


I was writing a short feature article for one of my assignment and it got me thinking.

There are lots of people in this world. Different types of people.

Some are scary, in a sense they have multiple personalities when it comes to different people they’re with. I personally have experience or know people like this. They will tell a story to person A and a different story to person B.

Question is, which one to believe?

Moving on to those who are genuinely nice, rarely, but there are.

Some might even be strangers. Just last weekend, I was on the bus, I saw three guys offered help to a middle aged lady. This is something you don’t see everyday, at least not for me.

Another situation, I was on the plane on the way to Bangkok for a transit, seated away from my family because of some tiny issue. I was sat in between two business men. On my right side, the man was a nice gentleman, started a small conversation because I was carrying my furry-faux-fur coat, asking where I was heading to, and stuff. The man sitting on the right was just there. He even pulled open the divider so he could have more privacy (It was business class). It was only a 1 hour plus flight, so it didn’t bother me much.

Everyone who comes in your life could change your perspective of something. Or not. It depends.

I realize my posts nowadays are much less about beauty & fashion and more to life stories.


Technology back in 2010


I finally connected my email to my Mail app on my laptop and discovered all the old emails. I wasn’t expecting that and I have over 2000+ mails, which is quite average because I know people who has a lot more than that. 

I went through, trying to delete them and found that I use Twitter a LOT. Like a LOT, for direct messaging my best friend back in high school. I did not have a smart phone at that time, so we direct message each other a lot. Of course we didn’t have internet connection the whole time, but there was this package where you pay RM1 per day or per month I cannot actually remember, to send direct message or even tweet from just a normal phone. That saved me a lot of money, instead of texting. 

Then came the smart phone, at the beginning of my university life, I finally got an iPhone and then Twitter direct messaging stopped and came Whatsapp. I rarely direct message nowadays, maybe once in a blue moon. However, back then it was a huge thing for me, I would be sending message non-stop 24/7. 

I was always on the phone with my best friend, 24/7, I don’t know why we have so much to talk about, but we do. We will talk until his phone runs out of battery, luckily for us, he don’t have to pay or else our phone bills would fly sky high. Then my uncle bought me an iPod (still in high school) and somewhere around that time my best friend got his iPhone. We stopped using the house phones and talked on our devices instead. Initially we used Skype then Viber came along. We Viber-ed each other a lot. I still can remember the ringing tone and dialing tone of the app. Even when I was out station, we Viber-ed. Eventually, we stopped and then FaceTime comes into the picture when I got my iPhone. Until today, we are still using Skype and FaceTime, sometimes even ooVoo, for a three-way-call. Depending on the situation. 

Technology has changed a lot since then. 

I have no idea why I typed this whole thing.I have lots to do and yet still have time to blog. Busy busy week ahead! 

If you manage to read till here, well done and thank you! 


One Thing

Have you ever had such a great day then something happened it all turned went downhill? 

All because of one thing. 

Well, it happened to me tonight. I had such a great day then BAM, that one thing happened. 

It’s nothing major, but it did affected my mood. 

Just a question can change the situation, may it be good or bad. Or even a statement. 

Which brings me to another point, sometimes people give offensive comments on something and they don’t realize it. Then comes to the part where the person was offended left it there and just kept quiet, thinking to themselves. “Did I deserved that?”

Some people might not know, well, most people don’t know that they are offending their friends or whoever, I might have offended some of my friends or whoever. If I ever did, then I apologize. (Though I don’t think my friends read my blog.)

This post is kind of an emotional one. We all need this once in a while, it’s one of those not-so-good night. 

Some exciting things are going to happen soon! Well, so happy news. A bright or colour story (the journalist in me is expressing herself), to the emotional story. Anyways. 

I have a feeling the next post will be a rant. I have not posted on beauty/travel related posts lately. I will try and get back to that soon! 

Writing makes me feel so much better. I was so upset earlier. 



Missing Items

Hello there! 

Ever lose something and then you find it? Best. Feeling. Ever. 

I’ve been searching for my camera for a while now and there is still no signs of it. Where did it go? 

Usually, I misplace my phone a lot, but it’ll eventually be found. Especially in my bag. 

I don’t know what else to do now. I know the camera is somewhere at home but where is it? 

It’s slowly getting to me that I need to have the camera with me now. Not that I need to use it right now, I just want to know that it’s there. 

So frustrating! 

Can I just wake up from my sleep tomorrow morning and see it on my table? 

On another note, it’s time to start assignments! There is this particular assignment, group assignment to be exact, I hope everything goes as planned. Hopefully! 

I cannot wait for next month! NOVEMBER!

One week of precious holiday! 

Anyways, I hope no one is missing anything, because I know how it feels and it’s bad! 


Sunset or Sunrise?

Sunday afternoon. 

Every time I travel, I always ask for the window seat. 

Reason being that I like to watch the plane take off and landing. I am not sure if I have mentioned this previously, but it is very fascinating. 

Especially long haul flights, there is a chance of seeing the sunset or sunrise. 

Such a beautiful view.