One Thing

Have you ever had such a great day then something happened it all turned went downhill? 

All because of one thing. 

Well, it happened to me tonight. I had such a great day then BAM, that one thing happened. 

It’s nothing major, but it did affected my mood. 

Just a question can change the situation, may it be good or bad. Or even a statement. 

Which brings me to another point, sometimes people give offensive comments on something and they don’t realize it. Then comes to the part where the person was offended left it there and just kept quiet, thinking to themselves. “Did I deserved that?”

Some people might not know, well, most people don’t know that they are offending their friends or whoever, I might have offended some of my friends or whoever. If I ever did, then I apologize. (Though I don’t think my friends read my blog.)

This post is kind of an emotional one. We all need this once in a while, it’s one of those not-so-good night. 

Some exciting things are going to happen soon! Well, so happy news. A bright or colour story (the journalist in me is expressing herself), to the emotional story. Anyways. 

I have a feeling the next post will be a rant. I have not posted on beauty/travel related posts lately. I will try and get back to that soon! 

Writing makes me feel so much better. I was so upset earlier. 




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