Technology back in 2010


I finally connected my email to my Mail app on my laptop and discovered all the old emails. I wasn’t expecting that and I have over 2000+ mails, which is quite average because I know people who has a lot more than that. 

I went through, trying to delete them and found that I use Twitter a LOT. Like a LOT, for direct messaging my best friend back in high school. I did not have a smart phone at that time, so we direct message each other a lot. Of course we didn’t have internet connection the whole time, but there was this package where you pay RM1 per day or per month I cannot actually remember, to send direct message or even tweet from just a normal phone. That saved me a lot of money, instead of texting. 

Then came the smart phone, at the beginning of my university life, I finally got an iPhone and then Twitter direct messaging stopped and came Whatsapp. I rarely direct message nowadays, maybe once in a blue moon. However, back then it was a huge thing for me, I would be sending message non-stop 24/7. 

I was always on the phone with my best friend, 24/7, I don’t know why we have so much to talk about, but we do. We will talk until his phone runs out of battery, luckily for us, he don’t have to pay or else our phone bills would fly sky high. Then my uncle bought me an iPod (still in high school) and somewhere around that time my best friend got his iPhone. We stopped using the house phones and talked on our devices instead. Initially we used Skype then Viber came along. We Viber-ed each other a lot. I still can remember the ringing tone and dialing tone of the app. Even when I was out station, we Viber-ed. Eventually, we stopped and then FaceTime comes into the picture when I got my iPhone. Until today, we are still using Skype and FaceTime, sometimes even ooVoo, for a three-way-call. Depending on the situation. 

Technology has changed a lot since then. 

I have no idea why I typed this whole thing.I have lots to do and yet still have time to blog. Busy busy week ahead! 

If you manage to read till here, well done and thank you! 



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