It’s Friday!

I went out for coffee and window shopping with my friend after class. That was nice.

Onto the things I would like to talk about today.


I was writing a short feature article for one of my assignment and it got me thinking.

There are lots of people in this world. Different types of people.

Some are scary, in a sense they have multiple personalities when it comes to different people they’re with. I personally have experience or know people like this. They will tell a story to person A and a different story to person B.

Question is, which one to believe?

Moving on to those who are genuinely nice, rarely, but there are.

Some might even be strangers. Just last weekend, I was on the bus, I saw three guys offered help to a middle aged lady. This is something you don’t see everyday, at least not for me.

Another situation, I was on the plane on the way to Bangkok for a transit, seated away from my family because of some tiny issue. I was sat in between two business men. On my right side, the man was a nice gentleman, started a small conversation because I was carrying my furry-faux-fur coat, asking where I was heading to, and stuff. The man sitting on the right was just there. He even pulled open the divider so he could have more privacy (It was business class). It was only a 1 hour plus flight, so it didn’t bother me much.

Everyone who comes in your life could change your perspective of something. Or not. It depends.

I realize my posts nowadays are much less about beauty & fashion and more to life stories.


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