Another year has gone by. Let’s sum up this year!


Starting with January, a new semester starts for me! 3th semester to be exact. The usual routine, uni to home, you get it.

Next up February, Chinese New Year! This year’s CNY is fun as usual, something so hilarious happened when we were filming our yearly mash-up song thing. 😉 Highlight of the year (well, one of them)! And of course, we’ve some ‘friends’ over, or you would be more familiar with them as insects. :/ Quite a number of them actually. This month, is also the month I started this blog! 😀


Then comes March, looking through my iPhoto, I saw a lot of Korean meals. I guess this is when I started loving Korean food! Also, of course photos of uni!

From April to almost end of May, there was really nothing much. Some shopping, lots of uni stuffs, and also eating good food!

May! The end of May marks the end of my 3th semester! I’ve a long 2 and a half months break! A trip to Scandinavia. I had such a lovely time there, that’s definitely one of the highlights of the year. :’) Seeing my cousins there made me so happy!

Sixth month of the year, June. My car arrived! Though I still don’t drive out now, but it was still an exciting time. J

Next up, July. Like I said, I had a long break, I wasn’t doing much. Sleep, eat, explore with makeup, watching dramas!

Back to uni month! August. 4th semester starts. This time, the classes were smaller, really small. There were only 5 of us in a class, except for one of the class. Guess journalism is not a popular major. Haha. From August till the 1st week of December (which was also the week of my finals), there goes my 4th semester!


December! Started my internship with BluInc, which has been great so far! Learning s a lot of things! Also, I got my finals results, I am so happy!

This year has been great, new things, new people. 🙂 So grateful! I also made a Flipagram, not quite sure how to explain it, I tried uploading it but I can’t, it’s on my Instagram though, check it out! 🙂

Happy new year everyone! I hope 2014 brings everyone joy and happiness!

ps. Shoutout to my cousin, Michelle, who actually reads my blog! Thanks!


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