Catch My Love

Good morning! It is 7.40am, pretty early to start blogging.

I haven’t blog in quite a long time, it’s because I’m on my internship and traveling up and down from my house to my aunt’s house regularly for the past month. Long story short, I know that I need to learn how to park, drive, etc, so I can go everywhere with no trouble.

I’m having a lot of fun at work, even though I reach the office really early! I reach about around this time actually. I don’t mind, just sit in the office and watch some videos until my colleague gives me work. I become sleepy if I don’t have anything to do. So, I’d rather have lots of work than no work.

Here comes the rant section of this post. It’s about uni. I was thinking that we get a week of for CNY break until I saw someone ask and the programme director said the last semester starts on the 3rd February. Which means, I don’t even get to stay a day longer for CNY (but that’s okay cause all my cousins are going back on Sunday anyways.) But, that is not my point. My point is there are basically no holidays for us before we resume back to classes. Imagine if there is no CNY break, then we might only have the weekend to relax and get ready for the next semester. Feels like they are rushing us to finish our diploma. For whatever reason it is, just gotta go back to uni on 3rd. I wonder what my timetable would be like.

After writing this post, I should eat, shower and get ready to go loaning with Jasmine! My last loaning trip, oh my, time passes by so quickly!

I should probably post a photo but I don’t have any in my sister’s laptop now, (my laptop is in my aunt’s house). Perhaps, I could post a photo from my phone after I publish this. I’ll probably try that, it should work!

On another random note, I haven’t worn make up in forever! Until last Saturday for the Seventeen MakeOver event! Oh, did I mention that I’m interning for Seventeen? If not, then now you know! The most I’ve worn is lipstick because it’s so fast and simple!

Good day everyone! Or goodnight to the other side of the world (to my bestfriend and relatives who are probably sleeping and they probably have no idea I have a blog).



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