It’s already February! Seriously, what have I been doing in January? It went by so quickly! 

I finished my internship with Seventeen about a week ago, thanks for everything! Met such great people there. Would love to go back and work there. 

Since I’ve finished my internship, it’s time to get back to uni. I had my first class yesterday and it was intense, like what Sarah said. Intense. So many things, details, just everything. Let’s hope it’ll go well. Random note. I believe that weekends are meant for family time or just chilling out. 

I finally have time to actually sit and write. Oh! Happy Chinese New Year! As always, we had tons of fun back in Malacca. Well, I did had my usual nap. Haha. 

I’m also addicted to this app, Rhonna Designs my cousin got for me. So many features and artsy quotes and stuff. (Like the photo above was edited using that app. I only added the quote and made the picture fit into a square using Squarady. No filter used!) 

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