Spring 2014

Spring 2014

H M long sleeve shirt
81 MYR – hm.com

Oasis pink midi skirt
270 MYR – oasis-stores.com

Valentino flat shoes
2,505 MYR – brownsfashion.com

Marni leather purse
5,080 MYR – marni.com

Statement necklace
32 MYR – etsy.com

Silver earrings
100 MYR – oliverbonas.com

805 MYR – stellamccartney.com

Hello there!
I haven’t been posting since a couple of months back! A lot has happened since.
Anyway, I just got back into Polyvore recently, and I created my first set in four years tonight!
(I used to be obsessed with creating sets; making sets of outfits for my friends and I, ah, I remember having so much fun)
I am so into midi skirts right now. It is so delicate and so lady-like. I think that combination works pretty well together. 🙂
I cannot wait to post more things here!
Till then.

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