Sales Haul

Hello, hello. It's great seeing you here! Remember when I said I've another haul coming up? It's time for that! Okay, I put up a haul post at the beginning of the month. I may seem like I'm shopping a lot, which I am. However, I don't do this on a monthly basis. It's just… Continue reading Sales Haul


Smoothie of all sorts

Happy Friday everyone! Tonight, I will be writing on how I make smoothies at home. I recently started and I quite enjoy it. One day, I had nothing to do at home and remembered that there was a lot of frozen fruits in the freezer. This is because my aunt froze all the fruits that… Continue reading Smoothie of all sorts

Collective Haul

Hello dearies! Time for a collective haul, yay! (note, these things are bought over several shopping trips) Excuse the crumpled clothes. Hehe, haven't ironed it yet. Let's start with pants. From left to right:- Floral and checkered pants are from Brands Outlet [I can't really recall, if I'm not wrong, it's RM39.90] and the pink/black… Continue reading Collective Haul