Smoothie of all sorts

Happy Friday everyone!

Tonight, I will be writing on how I make smoothies at home. I recently started and I quite enjoy it.

One day, I had nothing to do at home and remembered that there was a lot of frozen fruits in the freezer. This is because my aunt froze all the fruits that are not very fresh to make sure we don’t waste it.

So I took out my blender and threw in all the frozen fruits which included grapes, mangos, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, a few ice cubes and some fruit juice I had in the fridge into the blender.

I did not know what to expect because it is really such a huge variety of fruits, so I blended that, gradually adding the juice to my liking and smoothie time!

It was actually really nice, especially on a super hot day, more or less about 30-33 degree Celsius. Crazy hot, best to drink a cooling smoothie.

I had more than I could drink so I put it in a glass and froze it for my sister. Glad she liked it.


I foresee a upcoming haul post. 😉

Till then. x


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