How to Fall in Love

Reading has always been one of my favourite things to do. My favourite genre to read is romance. Those books are just so good.


I just finished reading Cecelia Ahern’s How to fall in love. I absolutely love it. I had to blog about it.

Bonus, the cover of the book is really nice, feels velvety.

I was told to review a couple of books during my internship and this book was one of it. I really enjoyed it when I had a chance to take any book from a huge selection in the office, I took this one.

But, I did not continue reading at that time. I finally took the time to actually read it, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The story is basically about a girl saving a guy from his suicide attempt with a condition given by him. She have to convince him that there are much more to life by his next birthday, which is in 14 days. She took the challenge.

I love how the character Christine is spontaneous and fun. I mean, she took care of a stranger who attempted suicide for 14 days. That’s not something everyone will think of. (Though, this is only a book.)

Adam, the guy on the other hand changed during the two weeks. It was nice reading how he change from having suicidal thoughts to a normal person again.

Both of the characters connection was well matched. No secrets from each other, they were there on each other’s family occasions, though they only met less than two weeks ago!

Conclusion is, I loved the book ❤

If you like romantic books like I do, I strongly recommend this book.

Books like this makes me believe in love. So cliche, but yes, so romantic. But I’m still unsure if there are guys like that out there.

This is only the second Cecelia Ahern book I’ve read. The first one was Where Rainbow Ends. That’s one of my favourite books in my list. There is a film adaption of the book. I’ve recently saw the trailer and I was not sure if it follows closely to the book. As that is one of my favourite books, I hope they’ll make it good. Well, they always say the movie is not as good as the actual book.

Can’t wait to read more Cecilia Ahern’s publications!

Books are great to escape the world for a little while ❤


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