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Hello! I’m back with another book review, this time it’s Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I couldn’t wait to write this review, just because I loved it so much. ❤

This is another book that I adored. The romance is this book is the cutest! Seeing how it grows from the beginning makes me all gooey inside. The feeeels!


Cath is a very quiet, introverted person. Her twin sister, Wren is a complete opposite of her. When they went off to college, they met new people. Wren didn’t want to hang out as often as they do in school. She wanted it venture out I guess. Go out to parties, drink and all that. Meanwhile Cath focuses more on her classes and doing her work, basically being a good girl. Cath is the queen of fanfiction of the story, Simon and Baz. She has lots of readers who waits for her to post her next chapter. Everything about Cath is just so likable!

Cath’s roommate, Reagan is cold person, but she really cares deep down. She says things really meanly but that’s just her. Reagan was always with Levi.

Oh, Levi, the cutest person ever. When he started, he already have Cath a nickname, Cather. Starbucks boy, Levi. I was so happy when Cath and Levi’s relationship grew into this cute relationship! So cute. When she offered him to help him with his test. That was so sweet. Aww. Plus, Levi is Cath’s first proper boyfriend. When I was reading, I wanted a Levi in my life. Haha.

Cath did struggle in her classes, like any other student will. Rainbow Rowell did make it feel like I could totally relate to her but differently, cause I did struggle but just not the same issue with Cath. I actually did relate myself to Cath because I don’t go out partying, clubbing, drinking and all. I liked how the relatable the book is, minus the boyfriend part and the roommate part and the twin sister part.

Cath’s father was not in a good emotional condition when they were away for college. Cath was very worried that he wasn’t eating and all that. Meanwhile, Wren always tried to convince Cath that their dad was doing just fine back home.

While in college, Cath wanted to make sure that Wren was doing okay. She was always at parties and drinking. However, Wren did not appreciate what Cath did. Wren wanted to be on her own and not have someone watching her all the time. I feel sorry for Cath as I feel she was just being a good sister. Then it all became well in the end.

Other characters would be Nick, Cath’s writing partner. I hated him. He is the worst! He took credit for the story that Cath and he wrote. (In my opinion, Cath made the story good.) Then he had to come and beg for Cath. I should stop giving out details, like I did when I reviewed Jenny Han’s “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”. Though, I think I still gave out a lot of information. I hope, you’ve read it. Take a look at the review here, if you like Fangirl, then I think you would enjoy “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” too.

Cath’s mother made a small appearance in the book but Cath really didn’t want to talk to her, but Wren on the other side really wanted to get to know her mum. I feel like the mother part was not really necessary. But of course Rainbow had to tell readers what happened to their mum.

Two things I didn’t really like about the book. First, I didn’t briefly read it in the bookstore before I bought it. I just read the synopsis. I was not used to the writing style. I am so used to narration of the character. This book is different, it’s like there’s someone narrating the story. The way it was told was, “Cath said”, “They decided”, not “We decided” or “I said”. You get what I mean? I hope you do. Then I got used to it. So it’s all good! It’s worth it for this book.

The next thing I didn’t enjoy about the book was the Simon and Baz’s fanfiction. I get that Cath loves writing them and is crazy over them. It is all part of the book, it could be pretty important too. Especially when Cath was reading it to Levi. However, I just wasn’t very interested. There were snippets of the story by either Magicath (Cath) or the writer, Gemma T. Leslie. (I have to say Magicath sounds really cool.) To be honest, the part where Cath was reading her fanfiction to Levi, I didn’t read much of that part either. I really could not concentrate. I have only scan through some of the lines.

I would really want to know what happened to Cath’s final project and in what direction Cath’s and Levi’s relationship is going to. Do they get their happily ever after?

I will definitely reread this book soon! Everything about it is amazing! Love it!

I will end this review with the first line of the book,

“There was a boy in her room.”

Pssst. There will be another Rainbow Rowell’s book review coming up. 😉

Till then. x


10 thoughts on “Fangirl Book Review”

  1. “minus the boyfriend part and the roommate part and the twin sister part.” hahaha
    Great review. Now I really feel like I should be buying this soon. 😛 I guess Cath, you and I are the same LOL

      1. Hello! I’m Mina, by the way. 🙂 Cool! I’ll look forward to your review. Oh, I tagged you on my blog so go check it out if you’re interested. 🙂

      2. Hello. Yep, I used to share my thoughts and so on on my Tumblr, but it didn’t really fit the theme anymore. Thought it would perhaps be fun to have it all in one place (Aside from Goodreads).

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