Eleanor and Park review


Today’s book review is another book by Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park. This is has been everywhere for the past few months. I finally read it. It’s a good book, romance, family issues, insecurities, and all that. This book is based back in the 1980s.

This book is also being adapted as a movie, how exciting.


Eleanor is quite a insecure person, big curly red hair, fat, not the typical skinny female lead character. She dressed in man’s clothes. People called her names, wrote inappropriate stuff on her books. She has a broken family as well. Five of her siblings stay in one room. A horrible horrible stepfather who drink and drive all the time. Her mother on the other hand is too afraid of the husband. Poor Eleanor. How could she possibly manage all that.

Park on the other hand has a nice family, his mother is Korean which makes him half Korean. His dad is just very chilled out, his mother worries more on the other hand. He has a little brother, Josh. Park has such a cute personality, he’s popular but at the same time not as popular as the other kids in school. He’s quiet, always with his Walkman and comics. Also, he’s really sweet.

They didn’t like each other at the beginning. Then their relationship slowly bloom thanks to Park’s comic books and his Walkman. Eleanor would read Park’s comic while he was reading it on the bus. The fact that they didn’t talk much at the beginning is unreal. They just read the comic and listened to music. The comics and music has brought two very different people with personalities together. So romantic.

Poor Eleanor was never allowed to go out, she had to make excuses every time when she went to Park’s house. Her evil stepfather would always ask her, where she went.

Speaking of her stepfather, I hated her stepfather and so did she. I had always wanted Eleanor to report to the police on all the things he does, drink and drive, always screaming and shouting with Eleanor’s mother. Urgh.

Eleanor’s mother, I feel like she’s so fragile. So afraid to talk back to the husband. Always making sure that he is having everything he wants. I wish that her mother would walk away with all the kids and have a new beginning. But this book is obviously about Eleanor and Park.

Eleanor knew her relationship with Park wouldn’t last. In the end, the stepfather issue has gotten so bad that she left for good. Leaving Park back home. Park even drove her to her destination.

Such a sad love story. He waited and waited but nothing was in the mail was for him. Then she sent him a postcard. That’s all.

I would really want Eleanor and Park get their happy ending. Eleanor has been through so much, I feel she deserves that happy ending. Poor Park who had to drive her there and see her leave. 😦

Park’s family is like the perfect family. Always willing to help, accepting. Park’s mother was not so keen about Eleanor at first but she found out that she has something in common with Eleanor and welcomed her into the family.

Overall, this is a good book but I definitely prefer Fangirl. I can’t over Cath’s and Levi’s romance. Too cute.

Again, with another Rainbow Rowell book, her writing style remains as the, “He said”, “She asked”, “Eleanor seemed.” I’m not sure what this writing style is called, but I guess it’s narrated? Because it feels like someone is narrating the story to me instead of the character’s “I feel”, “I asked.” I’ve mentioned this in my Fangirl review, here.

Here is the last sentence of the book.

“Just three words long.”

More book review are coming up.

Stay tuned. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Eleanor and Park review”

  1. Great review! I loved the book as well. The ending was so sad though 😦
    Maybe I should buy Fangirl too? Will look forward to more reviews. 🙂

    1. Hi there. Thanks for the comment. 🙂 yeah, the ending was sad. Yes, you should buy Fangirl! I’ve posted a review of the book. 🙂 check it out in my previous posts. 🙂

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