Craft haul

Hello. I went to Daiso yesterday and I bought some cute things. It’s not necessary in life but it does make things nicer and cuter. Also, it’s only RM5, so you know. I call this a craft haul because there are so much tape and it’s very crafty. Haha. 

Ps. I’ve mentioned Daiso a lot on my blog, I’m not sponsored by them. I just really really like their stuff. 


Here is everything! I wanted to get so much more fancy decorative tape but I decided to try them out first.


Pink and white polka dot wrapping paper. I needed this to wrap a gift. The colour and design is so sweet. I immediately used it after I came home. I was so excited. Haha.


Tapes! My mum actually spotted the lace tape, the colour is so sweet. I wanted to try out what these tape are like. The lace is actually taped by a double sided tape, so you just need to peel off the adhesive part and stick it anywhereeeee! The colourful chevron masking tape is just so cute. Though, it is not the stickiest of tapes, it just looks really nice. Remember it’s decorative tape, it’s not a regular sticky tape. It doesn’t have a lot of hold to it. I did use this to wrap that gift I mentioned earlier.


Here is what they look like. I am not really sure what I’m going to do with the lace tapes.


Looking at the chevron tape, there are actually a lot of product. I mean, there are a lot of rounds compared to the lace tapes.


More tapes! This tape set looks really convenient. There are 4 metallic tape in this and you just turn it to whichever colour you want and dispense it. It comes with a dispenser too!


Silver, red, gold, and blue.


Containers that stack up. I used these to organise my drawers. I like how it is stackable.


I also got a USB cable because I needed one and this works pretty well.


I got a basket box thingy, it’s just to put all the messy things on my study table.

That’s all I got from Daiso. It had been an exciting trip to Daiso. So much cute stuffs!

Till next time! x

4 thoughts on “Craft haul”

      1. I live in Norway. There are, but it’s not really cute. But it’s fine though, even if there were, it’d be so expensive. I’m obsessed with stationary so I just buy them online anyway, haha. 😀

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