The catastrophic history of you and me review



Today’s book has a rather long title, ‘The Catastrophic History of You and Me’ by Jess Rothenberg. It didn’t take me too long to finish the 375-paged book. I liked it. The book is different.

The book talks about a girl named Brie’s heartbreak with her love of her life, Jacob. Her heart split into half. I was not too sure about the theory of a heart splitting into halves.

When she left the world, she found herself in a pizza place. A place where everyone just eats pizza all day everyday.

Then she met Patrick in the pizza place. Throughout the story, Patrick helped her adapt to the new afterlife.

During that time, Brie found out that Jacob was really not who he is. Her best friend was keeping Jacob’s secret. Jacob was actually gay. Brie messed him up before finding out the real reason why he broke up with her. She felt so bad for making him lose his chance to Princeton. Something worst could have happened. Leaving some suspense here. 😉 After she finds out about the truth, she left it behind her.

In the new afterlife, she met her friend, Larkin Ramsey who died because of a fire. In which later in the story, the ‘fire’ was actually caused by Larkin herself. They used to be best friends. Brie almost got tricked into Larkin’s trap. Patrick protecting Brie from Larkin’s trap was so cute. That I will not talk too much about.

Brie also discovered that her dad was having an affair with their neighbour. That made her hate her dad so much. Brie was always thinking of her family besides of her ex-boyfriend and best friends. Her dad was also a heart surgeon. He could not face the fact that his daughter died of a heartbreak. He will stay in the hospital day and night to try to solve the mystery, and not return home. Brie was really upset when she saw that. Her family was not the family it used to be.

While she was back home, their dog, Hamloaf was the only one that could see her. He followed her around for a few days until it finally had to go home.

Throughout the journey of finding the truth and accepting that she is D&G (dead and gone), Brie turns out to be Patrick’s one true love from another life. He waited for her, all this while. Finally reunited after death.

I loved the ending. Everything went back to normal. They all have peace. Brie and Patrick can finally let go of their past and move on. Brie’s dad is back home with the family.

I love how all the chapters of the book are song titles. There’s a glossary of all the songs at the end of the book. I also liked the Disney princess references. The amount of cheese nicknames Patrick gave Brie was so cute.

It’s a good read.

Till next time! x


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