The Body Shop mini haul

Happy Saturday!


I went to Body Shop recently and got some stuff.

It’s my birthday last week, so I got a 25% discount off because I am the member of Body Shop. Great time to shop.


Two body butters, one lipliner and one shower gel.



Vineyard peach shower gel. I bought a similar one about 2 years ago and since then I can’t find it. Until, the other day! Omg, I’ve been looking for this for so so long! It smells like peaches, which I absolutely love!


Whooops, the cover is upside down. Anyways, body butters! Japanese Cherry Blossom and Shea Butter body butters. I love their body butters. Technically, the cherry blossom belongs to my mum and the shea butter belongs to my dad, but I get to use it too. Hehehe. Side note, I love the Moringa scent from Body Shop. Soooo amazing!


Lipliner in Mauve berry. I needed a lipliner so with the 25% discount, I decided to get it from here.


It’s a reddish berry colour. I wear a lot of reddish pinkish berry colours, so this can go with those.


A little swatch. 🙂

That’s all that I got for now.

Till next time!


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