Travel Experience: Theme park in Sweden, Liseberg

Hello there!

Here is the second installment of my travel experience.

A theme park located in Gothenburg called Liseberg, quite popular.

It was such a beautiful day. Blue skies, white clouds, not too warm definitely not cold. Perfect weather.

We bought tickets that only allowed us to roam around the theme park and not ride on the rides. Though, we did go on a two rides, the eye and the river rapid ride. I loved the river rapid ride! Meanwhile, I was terrified when we were on the eye. :/

My favourite photo is the last one. 🙂 

ride 2-1

ride 2

ride 1


spider web




ride 3

ride 3-1

tide 4



ride 5

ride 6

ferris wheel

ps. None of my photos are edited.

Till next time! x

4 thoughts on “Travel Experience: Theme park in Sweden, Liseberg”

    1. It was fun watching other people on rides, I’m not really a ride person. You should go visit again. 😀 I can’t wait to be back! I’ve another post coming up, this time is about Norway. 😀

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