Book Collection #2

Second installment of my book collection. 😀 This is my Sophie Kinsella, Lauren Conrad and one Aprilynne Pike collection. 🙂 4 books by Lauren Conrad and Life After Theft by Aprilynne Pike. I enjoyed reading Life After Theft and Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series. 😀 I've yet to read Infamous. Hehe. I love Sophie Kinsella's… Continue reading Book Collection #2


Flowers From The Summer Before

Hello there! Today I've decided to look for pictures of flowers from my last year's Scandinavia trip (not in Denmark though, we didn't get to see much because it was only a day trip) because I recall there are lots of beautiful flowers there. Absolutely stunning! In Malaysia, there's not much of colourful blooming flowers,… Continue reading Flowers From The Summer Before

Book Collection #1

Hello there! I've been wanting to do a book collection and finally got to it. Here's my book shelve. There are books, magazines, and lots of miscellaneous things. I will go by the cubicle box of the shelves. ps. For those cubicle with no books in it, I'll just skip it. 🙂 Also, there are… Continue reading Book Collection #1


Travel Experience: Winter in Beijing Zoo

Hi there! Tonight, it's time for another travel experience adventure! Beijing Zoo! I loved the zoo, it's a huge zoo! So much space to walk around and a huge variety of animals. The long walks was really nice, I enjoyed that. ps. I didn't take pictures of all the animals because it was winter and… Continue reading Travel Experience: Winter in Beijing Zoo


Sweetest of desserts

Hello! 🙂 Desserts, desserts, I love anything sweet. I've been craving for macarons for about two weeks now and finally I got them today! These are TWG's macarons. Their macarons are infused with tea, and I quite enjoy tea, so I thought these ought to be good. Plus, they look really nice! From left to… Continue reading Sweetest of desserts


Just One Day review

Hello there! Tonight’s review is of Gayle Forman’s ‘Just One Day’. This is a story about how a girl who says no to most things said yes to an invitation to a day trip to Paris from a stranger whom she just met. Allyson and Willem. The book starts off with Allyson and her best… Continue reading Just One Day review


Travel Experience: Winter and Summer in Norway

Hello there! :)Here's another travel experience post. This time, it's Norway.Beautiful beautiful Norway. This was back in 2011 during winter. But I have also included some pictures from another trip during summer. We went back in 2013.We went to the Holmenkollen National Ski Arena and the nearby restaurant/ cafe, Frognerseteren Restaurant and Cafe. Really nice environment, yummy hot… Continue reading Travel Experience: Winter and Summer in Norway