Gift guide for best friend

Hello there!

So, I’ve been thinking of what to write besides reviews and hauls.

Recently my bestfriend came back from Finland after two years. That inspired me to write this post. Before he left (I mean two years ago), I got him some stuff, farewell gifts or whatever you like to call those.

Letters, gifts. So I thought I write about a guide to buying gifts for your best friend who is leaving. Leaving for further education or moving to another city, you know what I mean.

As much as I was happy for him that he got into his dream school, I was sad as well because he was leaving. So so far away. But it all went well 🙂 So I went and got some stuff for him. Of course you don’t have to spend but that’s something I did. I also had a lot of fun doing it. Looking for the gifts makes me so excited then I get out of hand. But, that’s okay.


  • If you are gonna get something, maybe get something that both of you can have. So you can remember each other. In my case, I got him a laptop sleeve because both of us got our laptop almost at the same time. So I got him a grey/ blue coloured, and I have a red/ black coloured one. (Which still lasted till today! Eventhough I’ve been really rough with it. Haha.) I also got him a pair of cufflinks. Also, remember to get something that isn’t huge or takes up too many space in the luggage. A friendship necklace for your bff would be nice. 
  • Sentimental DIY gifts. I bought a glass jar from Daiso and filled it with colourful paper which I asked my mum to shred. I handwritten some messages on each of the shredded paper. It took some time but it was so pretty at the end. Also, I used a scissors to curl it. (I think by now, the curled paper is not curled or as springy anymore, haha.) I also made a loom bracelet for him, not two years ago, made it recently.


Doesn’t the colours make you so happy? 😀 So colourful! 


  • I realised at that time I was a person who likes to express myself with words instead of saying it out. Hmm. So I wrote a few of letters for him. Until the other day, before he left back, I also wrote him a letter. I really enjoy writing them.


    • Card, I also got a card for him. The one with a little charm on it. That card already had message on it already, so I only signed it. Haha.

The below are some other suggestions.

    • Another nice gift would be a photo frame. That I didn’t do because we don’t really take pictures together. But it would be a nice collage if you and your best friend take a lot of picture together. I’m sure there’s a lot of tutorial on Pinterest or Tumblr.
    • A personalised gift. It could be a pen engraved with his or her name. This would be ideal for those who are going off to study. It can be a little reminder that your best friend that they are always there no matter what the distance. A personalised phone cover is a good idea too. Scrapbooks of both of you are nice too. 

There are a lot of DIY things you could do. I am really happy I did these. 😀

The first couple of days was really hard (I remember crying for quite some time, before and after he left) but then you’ll get use to it. I really missed him though. I still do miss him. Facebook, Whatsap, FaceTime, Skype, Viber, and any other ways! I’ve actually written a post on technology back in 2010, here) Maybe even letters perhaps. Haha. 

Another bestie is leaving soon! Hehe, I got her some stuff already. 😉 

Ps. It took quite some time to find for those pictures, went through all the two years worth of pictures to look for these. Also, excuse the poor quality, I didn’t think I would be posting it. Haha.

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 

Till next time! x


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