Just One Day review

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Tonight’s review is of Gayle Forman’s ‘Just One Day’.

This is a story about how a girl who says no to most things said yes to an invitation to a day trip to Paris from a stranger whom she just met. Allyson and Willem.

The book starts off with Allyson and her best friend, Melanie on a cultural trip to Europe. Shakespeare and all the interesting history. They were supposed to go to a theater show but they ditched the tour and went to watch another show instead. That’s where Allyson saw Willem.


The next day they were bound to go back to London from Stratford-upon-Avon. But as fate intervene, Allyson and Willem met once again. This time, they talked and talked till Willem found out that Allyson was so upset that their supposed trip to Paris was canceled. Then, Willem casually offered to bring her around Paris.

I personally really want to visit Paris, so this story which includes Paris and also UK which I love makes me want to read the book more.

Before I start blabbering on how the story goes on from here, I think I should stop and just keep it short. Hehe.

Allyson is a top student, always doing well in her studies. She often says no to everything. A good girl, always following whatever the rules are. Except that time where they were suppose to be queuing up to watch Hamlet, but she lied to the guide and went to watch Twelfth Night which was not part of the trip. Then she changed to a whole new person when she started college. She was struggling with her pre-med classes. She didn’t go out much. But it all changed when she dropped all her pre-med classes, she became happier and got more friends when she opened up to them about her Willem story.

Willem on the other hand, I don’t know much about until I read the sequel to this book, ‘Just One Year’. I’m still reading it. However, based on this book, he is Dutch who hasn’t been home for the past two years. He seems like he’s quite a player as he met a few girls while they were in Paris. He started calling Allyson, Lulu short for Louise because he said she looks like Louise Brooks. To Allyson, she wasn’t Allyson at that time in Paris, she was Lulu, another person because she would’ve definitely said no to the offer in the first place. He speaks multiple languages, which is one of the reasons why he offered Allyson to go to Paris, he knows French, she doesn’t. He is quite charming based on what he is described as in the book. He’s all about accidents, fate. I wonder what has happened to him. Can’t wait to finish reading the next book.

Melanie, Allyson’s bestfriend. They were best friends until they went off to different colleges and fell out of their friendship. Melanie is the girl completely opposite to Allyson, always saying yes to everything, drinks because she thinks drinking is part of college and always changing up her look which made Allyson not know who she is anymore, of course deep down it’s still the same Melanie but the look is different. Melanie also has good grades. Dee, Allyson’s partner in one of her classes became really close with her. He is so sassy at times. He and 3 other girls helped Allyson get hints to find Willem. They all knew she was going to Paris and wanted to help. Even her professor knew about it and encouraged her.

Allyson eventually earned money and went back to Paris to look for Willem. She wants closure. She wants to know what had happened that night. She even learnt basic French. She met more people through working and through her French classes.

Allyson’s parents weren’t happy about her returning to Paris. They weren’t happy about her changing subjects without their consent either. But they are good parents and they want to help her to get to what she wants. Aww.

While she was in Paris, she met a whole new group of people from Australia. I think Allyson’s has become a whole new girl. From a timid girl to going to places, meeting new people, having new friends is a big character development.

I love how this book is all romantic, a day n Paris with a stranger to disappointment and reading how Allyson cope in college was so real.

I enjoyed the book. It didn’t take me long to finish and now I’m on the second book as mentioned. Can’t wait to see why Willem went missing that morning!

Till next time.


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