Travel Experience: Winter in Beijing Zoo

Hi there!

Tonight, it’s time for another travel experience adventure!

Beijing Zoo!

I loved the zoo, it’s a huge zoo! So much space to walk around and a huge variety of animals.

The long walks was really nice, I enjoyed that.

ps. I didn’t take pictures of all the animals because it was winter and some of them are not always outside, some of them were in their ‘room’, because it was too cold I assume.

DSC_0417Ticket to the Giant Panda area! πŸ˜€Β DSC_0439As it was winter the view was really pretty with the snow.DSC_0442Lots of trees around the zoo, which is good. The lake/pond half frozen because of the cold!DSC_0450There’s also a waterfall. I love the snow. Haha.DSC_0455Another part of the zoo, I like how all the trees has no leaves on it due to the winter.DSC_0427This part of the lake/pond was not frozen yet. The duckies still can swim around!DSC_0471

That’s me, two Decembers back! ps. You can totally see how spacious the zoo is.

DSC_0480Looks at this tree with its interesting branches.DSC_0481I’ve no idea what building this is.DSC_0485Trees!Β DSC_0490Otters! They are so cute! My mum was making squeeky noises and it all came out! *melts*DSC_0497They come in a group. I can’t handle the cuteness!DSC_0500They are human friendly too. What I mean is that they come when you call them. Aww, and they just look at you.DSC_0514I don’t read chinese, but my mum told me it translates to long handed monkey (she told me in Cantonese and I translated it horribly in English, haha, I apologise).DSC_0516Monkeys!DSC_0525Another monkey! This one looks like a doll.DSC_0535There are a lot of animals which I don’t know the name of. One of it is this one. Hehehe. It has a really funny personality, it just stood there for a really long time. It was easy to snap this picture!DSC_0539Another animal that I don’t know. Haha. If you do know what these animals are, do let me know. πŸ™‚DSC_0549This animal I know! A zebra! Ive never been so close to a zebra before!DSC_0556A giraffe, this was one of the animals in it’s ‘room’. It was really smelly. :/DSC_0575Another animal that I don’t know the name of. It has a really long and sharp looking horn, pretty cool!DSC_0580This one scared me. Is it a bull? An ox? I’m not sure.DSC_0585I am pretty sure this is an alpaca. If I’m wrong, do correct me. As you can see, my knowledge with animals is limited. Haha.DSC_0593An ostrich!DSC_0627Tiger, it looks really skinny. 😦DSC_0651This has to be the cutest bear I’ve ever seen! The bear on the right with it’s hand up was asking for food! So adorable!DSC_0652On the other hand, this bear just sat there. Which still makes it really cute!DSC_0660I cant get over with the two bears. So fluffy!DSC_0672Here’s another bear! Not as fluffy but still as cute! It’s ears reminds me of a dog. Haha.DSC_0695Entrance to the home of the infamous Giant Pandas!DSC_0720It was so cold, it wanted to get back to it’s ‘room’. Poor pandas, but it was so nice seeing them!DSC_0703So cute!DSC_0729Two pandas playing together. So adorable!DSC_0738Another picture of the national treasure.DSC_0803Last picture! It’s food time for the panda.

There were also kangaroos, wolves, and a variety of colourful birds.

The birds were really pretty, but I didn’t really get pictures of the birds. :/

I would want to revisit the zoo again during another season. πŸ˜€

Till next time!


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