Cross My Mind

I have been obsessed with this song by Twin Forks! Thanks to the Korean drama, 'It's Okay, It's Love'. Great drama, I enjoyed every episode of it. It's different from other Korean drama I've watched. If you like K-dramas, I highly recommend this drama. Plus, Lee Kwang Soo is in it. 😀 Hehe. It's such a… Continue reading Cross My Mind


Book Collection #3

I'm finally going to finish my book collection! I've decided to post the rest of the book collection in one post. Mostly non-fiction in this shelf, and also a collection of Seventeen Magazines. I really like 'Mummy, Come Home', 'For the Love of My Mother', and 'Chinese Cinderella'. Seventeen! Here we have Nicholas Sparks, classic… Continue reading Book Collection #3


After two and a half years, I finally graduated. We finally graduated with a Diploma in Communications. It was hard and stressful at times, but it was fun most of the time. Though there were tough times, I somehow managed. All the hard work has paid off! All thanks to my parents who guided and… Continue reading Graduation


Hello. I've been away for a while now, not as active as I used to. Today, I've a story to tell. Yesterday was the Running Man Race Start show, they also had their signing at Paradigm Mall. For a back story, see here. I've been really looking forward to that day. Finally seeing those people… Continue reading Surreal