I’ve been away for a while now, not as active as I used to.

Today, I’ve a story to tell. Yesterday was the Running Man Race Start show, they also had their signing at Paradigm Mall. For a back story, see here.

I’ve been really looking forward to that day. Finally seeing those people in real life after seeing them on TV for such a long time.

Arrangements made, my aunt and cousin picked us up quite late as the signing event starts at 12PM. They came around 11.25PM. I thought to myself that there surely wasn’t anymore nice view for us to see them.

I was constantly checking on social media on the press conference and on the amount of people slowing increasing in Paradigm Mall. I was pretty upset that my aunt came late but still was excited to go. I told myself that even if I don’t get to see a glimpse of them, I know at least I tried.

We finally reached still had a little time to spare before 12PM, but they arrived about 35 mins late I would say, I couldn’t remember.


This is the crowd when I arrived. Luckily, these few boys were nice enough to let us slot in their space. It was pretty dangerous where we stood, it was on a very high floor and the railing was shaky, we were told by the security not to stand too close and not to lean on the railing as it was dangerous.

We waited and waited, finally they all arrived. It was crazy. The first person I saw was Kim Jong Kook, his hair is so outstanding. The fans are amazing. My tears subconsciously started falling down when I was seeing them introducing themselves. I’m one emotional girl, let me just tell you that.


My sister’s photo is much better than mine since her phone has a better resolution.


The rest of the photos were taken by my iPhone 4S.

It was so surreal to see them. Especially, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook. My two biases. Absolutely love love love them. Love Spartace! She is beyond beautiful in real life, and needless to say Kim Jong Kook was so handsome. So is the rest of the members, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin and Haha. They were all so nice, they turned around to greet their fans.


Thanks to my tall cousin, he managed to get this shot to Suk Jin and Haha. Hehehe.


Then the signing starts and we left from where we were standing and walked around. Then we went back to the stage area to see what was happening, turns out LKS and KJK had already finished with their signing, I thought they had left. We lingered around and both of them came back and they all bowed to their fans and left.


Aftermath of the signing.

I actually got to see them really clearly when they were bowing. They all look amazing, better looking in real life. I didn’t bother taking pictures anymore, I just took the opportunity to scream and enjoy it. I was so so so happy, I still am.

I am so glad Lee Kwang Soo manage to come together with the 4 other cast. He is so handsome!

Though I didn’t get to attend the actual show, it was good enough to see them yesterday.

I hope they all get enough rest as they have been traveling so much recently. They went back straight to Seoul after their show is over. It has got to be really tiring for them.

In the end, everything worked out. All is well.

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