Time for a haul!


I meant to post this haul yesterday but suddenly my day got busy. I spent 6 hours watching the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Congrats to all winners!

Onto the haul, I got most of the items from last weekend. The Black Friday weekend. A lot of stores was on sale. Most of my loot was from Padini, they had a three day sale, 50 percent off storewide plus some 70 percent off.

Sunnies from Tizio, which is a sister brand to Padini which also had the 50 percent off. RM49.90.




Bejewelled necklace from Vincci, RM129. Vincci has a wide range of necklace, some I really liked!




Dress, RM139 from P&Co. I have been eyeing on this dress for a while now. Hehe. It’s made out of thick material, I don’t know the name of the cloth but it’s quite comfy.



I love the colour combinations.


I quickly took this jumper when I saw a size 6 because there wasn’t much sizes left when we went there. RM99.


I like the prints and the little embellishments.


A flowy midi skirt, RM119 from P&Co. (Excuse the paper clips, I was trying so hard to keep the skirt in place for the photo but it’s just too heavy to tape, so I had to improvise with paper clips. Haha.)


I love this skirt, I like how poofy it is and the prints are really cool.


It has pockets too!


Another accessory from Vincci. Headband, RM29.



Shorts! The shorts on the left was from Cotton On and the right shorts was from PDI.


I got this shorts from their online store when they had a sale back in August I think. It was priced at RM59 but I can’t remember how much it was on sale.


These PDI shorts have the same length but in the photo, I didn’t adjust it properly. Haha. These were RM49. I didn’t even realise that the prints are different on both sides until my mum told me when we got back.


Another item from Cotton On. This jumpsuit was priced RM89, but again, I don’t remember the price it was on sale.


Like I said, I bought this online, so I didn’t try it on. When I finally got it, it was much better than I expected, it fitted nicely and it’s comfortable. I really like the cutting of it.


Time for shoes! These were buy 1, free 1 from Payless Shoes.

I needed to get new shoes. I saw these and thought it was perfect!


The chain detail is really nice and I love the print of the flats.


Buy 1, free 1. So this is the other pair. Simple sandals with a bit of a wedge for the little height.


This is really easy to walk in with not much of a heel. I can’t remember the price of these.


That’s all that I’ve got!

A lot of money was spent on shopping and food that weekend!

No more shopping till next year. Heh.



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