Mask Haul

Happy Sunday!

Etude House mask haul. My mother and sister bought more stuff but I only bought masks this time.

I love Etude House, the concept is so cute, the store is so pink and pretty! Plus, there’s always a sale of some sort. Buy 1, Free 1 for this time. These sheet masks are all priced the same at RM6.90 each, so now I get 2 for RM6.90. Bargain. ❀



I initially bought 10 but added another 4, for my whole family to use!




So many different variations! I don’t even know which to choose. At the moment, I am using Nature Republic’s Tea Tree sheet masks which I only have about 3 or 4 left. I’ve not tried Etude House’s masks, I’m excited to use them!


Each masks have their different uses. I asked the staff how often should we use the mask in a week, she said, two masks in a week is enough but if you’d want to use it everyday, it’s fine too but I think using it everyday is too high maintenance. I mean expensive, in a week, it’d probably be RM50 on masks.


I do use other masks, so I don’t use it everyday, I try to use it every 3 days. Other masks I use are Laneige’s sleeping mask and sometimes Etude House’s Pore Wonder mask. So I switch it up every week and also depending on what I want to use.

The collagen, Q10 and ginseng masks are more suitable for my mum and dad, so those are for them.


How to use them? I used to put it on, wait for about 15-20 minutes and then remove and rinse. RINSE. Don’t rinse. I asked the staff, she said to leave it on as a serum and massage in to your skin and then continue with your normal routine, moisturiser, etc.

Why did I rinse it? I was told to rinse it off once it’s done. Such a waste. But now we all know. πŸ™‚



Etude House used to give out a lot of samples when we purchase items. But recently we have been buying quite a few things on different days from their Sunway Pyramid outlet, they didn’t give any samples. I didn’t realise that until I thought about it.

So I remembered to ask if they still have samples, the staff say they do and gave us a whole lot. Well, we did buy a lot yesterday, including my mum and sister’s items. The items on this haul was bought in the AEON Bandaraya Melaka branch.

We didn’t need to ask for samples last time, but I guess now we do.

I already tried the AC Clinic cleanser, I love it! It strips off all the oil off my skin which I like. Though, I know some people don’t like the feeling of it. That little packet can last for about 3-4 washes. That’s good. I love samples! Because it’s easy to carry it around, especially for holidays.

Can’t wait to use the masks!



5 thoughts on “Mask Haul”

  1. Ohh, it’s the I Need You series! My favourite is the Coenzyme one. I also tried the Tea Tree and Collagen ones, but I feel like Coenzyme works a lot better on my skin. Wish I could buy those sheets here, then I’d try every single one. πŸ˜€

      1. Do you mean of the I Need You masks or in general? I used to use a mud mask that was really good! I’ll try and find which it was. What kind of skin do you have, btw? ☺️

      2. Just in general, I’m trying to all kinds of masks. I used to like the Decleor mud mask but recently I’ve been onto sheet masks. I’ve combination of oily and dry skin.

      3. I can’t reply your last comment, so I’ll just answer on this one, haha.

        I used to use Holika Holika’s Medi Medi magnesium pack and apply it with a foundation brush. It’s like a mud mask that you apply and wait until it stiffens. My skin was really oily, and the magnesium one helped to control it. I remember there being two other kinds as well.

        Have you tried Etude House’s night / sleeping products? I use the collagen one (don’t remember its name), and it’s good! πŸ™‚

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