So much has changed

(I don’t know what picture I should choose to accompany this post, so, ice-cream it is.)

Tonight, let’s just talk about one topic. Kpop. I’ve mentioned this before in my 50 things about me post.

I’ve never really appreciate Korean music until about two years ago I would say. The very first thing that got me into listening to Kpop was actually watching ‘Running Man’. Lots of Kpop artists go on the variety show. The more I watch, the more I know.

First was listening to Kim Jong Kook’s Lovable, which I still enjoy until today, then slowly I started watching ‘Roommate’, another variety show. I really enjoyed watching Park Bom on the show. (Then when she left, I stopped watching the show too). From then on, I listened to 2NE1’s music until now. The group is so charismatic, love the music too. They put so much feelings into singing their song, it shows.

Then I came across Big Bang, didn’t really know about them. I only knew Daesung because I watched ‘Family Outing’ another variety show. He is hilarious on the show. Loved watching him. However, I really liked Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby.’ I can put that on repeat and won’t get bored of it. So energetic. I sometimes watch Infinity Challenge, another successful variety show in Korea, which is actually where I heard Tae Yang’s ‘Eyes Nose Lips’, loved it immediately.

Just yesterday, I was watching Big Bang’s SG50 countdown concert. I’ve only listened to one of their song, ‘Fantastic Baby’. After I watched the concert, I realised their other songs are really good too, and immediately went and search for those songs they sang. It’s that good. Park Bom is simply lovable! CL’s charisma on stage is exceptional. Sandara’s voice is so special, and Minzy’s vocals are amazing. I absolutely love watching their live shows on YouTube, pure talent. ♡

I probably listen to Korean everyday, since my grandma also watches Korean dramas. Coolest grandma ever.

If it was two years ago, I wouldn’t know anything about Korean music, but now, I love it. To the point I tried to learn some Korean, which is quite hard. Also, I watched a lot of Korean drama the past two years. I’m even making a ‘Big Bang’ board on my Pinterest. TOP is so good looking, I can’t even, and his variety humour is strange but funny. But then GD is cool too! Then Seungri and Daesung is hilarious and good looking. Taeyang’s good looking too! I don’t even know. They’re all so talented. Their bond is so nice to watch, I love watching them together on variety shows. ♡

Then I realised 2NE1 and Big Bang, the two groups I like the most are both from YG. I must really like YG’s music.

I’ve no idea what I’m going on and on about this post. But I guess is that I wouldn’t have guess that I would enjoy Korean music and dramas two years back. I would say I don’t understand what they’re saying, but look at me now still don’t understand what they’re saying but loving it. Haha.

Ps. I love love love Korean food too. Just putting it out there. Haha.

Till next time. x.


8 thoughts on “So much has changed”

  1. We are on the same boat!! How far have you gotten on learning Korean? I think I”m getting a little too old to learn a new language but I watch drama so…hopefully it’ll help a bit…=T

    1. Hey there! 🙂 Glad to know we’re on the same boat. Haha, I kinda stopped after learning the alphabets, it’s pretty hard to learn to me because I don’t have professional help and no one to converse with, but I think it’s still possible, by learning slowly. 🙂 I don’t think age is a matter, just learn it, you’ll get the hang of it. 😀 Dramas are quite helpful, haha. What dramas do you watch?

      1. Yea, I will learn it slowly haha. The last dramas i was watching was Birth of a Beauty but I haven’t watched it yet…but i just completed Pinocchio ! <- That is one of my favourite recently especially the last episode where it just sums everything up very nicely. What about you?

      2. I’m thinking to start watching Pinocchio! I really liked It’s Okay, It’s Love, really good drama. And other such as Inheritors, Innocent Man, Rooftop Prince. 🙂

      3. OH! I like innocent man and rooftop prince as well! Inheritors…I couldn’t stand it…so I didn’t finish it..hahaha. I’m new to blogging. is there like direct messages instead so I”m not like spamming your comment box?

      4. I see. I don’t think there’s a message box, if you go to my blog page, there’s a ‘Find Me’ button on the top and from there, you can see a form, or Twitter DM?

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