Wishlist January 2015

I’ve realised that there are a couple of things I want right now. So I decided to make a wishlist. 🙂

Credits to http://clthebaddestfemale.com
Credits to http://clthebaddestfemale.com

1. Blonde hair. I’ve been watching 2NE1’s videos quite often recently and I noticed that CL and Sandara’s blonde hair. And I think it’s so nice! I’ve tried many different colours before, but not blonde. I would really want to try it. Though I am not sure if it’d suit me.

Credits to Forever21
Credits to Forever 21

2. Shoes. These shoes are from Forever 21 and I fell in love with them! I would really want to get them if they’re available here. The black one instantly makes an outfit a little more formal which I like. Meanwhile the rose gold one just adds a whole new element to the outfit, I’d love to add these shoes to my shoe collection. I just can’t choose between the two.

From Top
Credits to http://cdn.bigbangupdates.com

3. A book! As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been into Big Bang lately. I found out that TOP has a pictorial book! 400 pages of him. 😀 I think it’s a nice coffee table book. Not sure where I can get it from, probably online. It’s pretty pricy, so gotta save up for it. That’s all for now. 🙂 See my previous wishlist here. Till next time. x. *Disclaimer, all photos taken from respective websites as credited.*


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