Sunday night entertainment.

No, 3-day weekend entertainment? I have just finished watching Pinocchio, the Korean drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to post 5 thing I love about the drama.

I’ve put off watching this drama for a while now, simply because I didn’t feel like it. However, now I ask myself why didn’t I watch it earlier. Even my grandma is watching it on tv.

1. Similar environment. I can say that I’m in the similar field as them as reporters but what I learnt in school (or most people call it university) was journalism, which has the same ethics. So this attracted me. I was quite frustrated watching some scenes where the reporter was not reporting what she’s suppose to. When she said something along the lines of, it’s about impact and not facts, I got pretty mad. Yes, impact is part of the whole news thing but facts is more important. I know I shouldn’t be mad because it’s just a drama, but still. Defaming, slander and all that. I thought to myself, how did she get to keep her job. As I watch along, I finally found out.

2. Great storyline. It’s so good that it made me cry more than I probably should.  Especially while watching episode 12. 😉 It was so touching, sad and mixed emotions at the same time. The characters in the show also drawn me into liking the entire drama. I loved Cap Hwang’s character, the cool, strict, understanding, quite-good looking superior. I also enjoyed watching all of the other characters, Dal Po, In Ha, Yoo Rae, Chan Soo, Bum Jo, the grandfather, father and the rest of the senior reporters. As for Bum Jo, I didn’t really like him at he beginning because he was the bratty rich kid that gets everything but slowly into the show, his loyalty and character was hard to hate.

3. Lovely couple! In Ha and Dal Po’s relationship was so cute. It was hard to watch at times of hardship but of course there was a happy ending, so it was all rainbows at the end. I really liked Park Shin Hye in The Inheritors, another drama that I really enjoyed. Their chemistry is so real. So many cute moments of them!

4. Great cast. In my opinion, I think the characters are so well-played by the actors. Lee Yoo Bi was so cute! Like I said at point number 3, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk’s chemistry was really good.

5. Guys in suit. As they are reporters, so sometimes they dress in suits. I love love love guys in suit. Just look at handsome Lee Jong Suk in a suit. 😀

Bonus. The drama is over, so there’s no need to wait weekly for that episode. It’d kill me to wait weekly to watch it. Haha.

Though, I do wonder what happened to Yoon Yoo Rae and Cap Hwang and also what was Jae Myung’s ending. Still, Pinocchio is a must watch! It’s definitely up there on my favourite K-drama list. 🙂

Gonna start watching another drama in the next couple of days. 😀

Which one shall I watch, Doctor Stranger or Emergency Couple?

Till next time.