Pre GST Haul

Hi there!

Today I’ve a haul post. Malaysia started implementing GST yesterday and before the 6% comes, I went shopping. ๐Ÿ™‚

I bought some fun stuff, some boring stuff like cotton pads, tissues, sanitary pads, you get the roll.

Lets see the fun stuff that I got! ๐Ÿ˜€


Beauty stuff!

I didn’t take an individual picture for the Loreal hair oil. There was a buy two for RM53, so I bought two, one for normal hair and the other is specially for coloured hair. I was using the Redken hair oil before this and it didn’t give me much results, but this hair oil gave me really nice shiny hair! I actually bought one prior to this to my sister (the non-coloured hair), I was impressed! It is not oily at all and it smells really nice. Flower extracts must be really good. Though the consistency for the coloured hair and non-coloured hair is different. For the non-coloured hair oil, the consistency is way thicker and the coloured hair oil’s consistency is more watery. Hmm, not sure why. I have coloured hair but I still use the non-coloured hair cause I don’t plan to maintain the colour I have anymore.


Too Faced Melted liquified long wear lipstick. Sephora didn’t have the shade I wanted, Melted Figs and Melted Berry, so my mum and sis chose this two out for me. (I fell pretty ill when they went shopping, so I was home resting.) Thanks to them, I’ve pretty lipsticks now. It smells really nice too! The left one is Melted Fuchsia and the other is Melted Peony. Melted Peony is such a nice name. I’ve used Melted Peony and it’s so pretty. Though I would like it to last longer before a new application. I can’t wait to try the Melted Fuchsia.


Maybelline’s brow pencil and eyeliner. I’ve never used any of these products before. Hopefully it’s good. The brow pencil was almost out of stick, there was literally 5 left. The eyeliner was buy one free one, of course I had to get it. Haha.


Shampooooo. I didn’t only get this, I got another set of this at another store where it was selling cheaper! Again, I’ve never used this before and the packaging and smell made me buy it and also it was on a deal.


Shoes! Impromptu buy, I’m pretty sure I don’t need a new pair of shoes at the moment, but I just got it anyway. Aren’t these so pretty? It’s so out there. Haha. There’s a back story to this pair of shoes.. These are the Nike Roshe Run in pink, there isn’t a specific name for it.

It goes like this, after we paid for the shoes we left the store happy and all that, the staff were really friendly. On that day I was sick and didn’t feel like doing anything, so I didn’t take a look at the shoes.ย Then a day after we bought the shoes, my sister decided to open it up and look at it. The staff gave me the same side of the shoe with a different size! How crazy? My sister thought it was funny and she laughed and laughed to herself.. And I was pretty worried back then. But luckily it got changed and the other side is now back!

Till next time.



6 thoughts on “Pre GST Haul”

  1. Ugh, the pink ones look very nice! I bought the same pair the other day, but I didn’t know they had pink ones because they weren’t in the shop, so I got grey.. Which is nice, but those look so pretty and girly ): *jealous*

    Can I ask you something? Is there any waterproof eyeliner you’d recommend? ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Hey! Thanks, don’t be jealous haha, maybe you should get another pair? Hehe. You can ask anything, I’m glad to answer. Waterproof eyeliner, the best I can think of now would be CLIO’s eyeliner. I used the Gelpresso, a gel liner in a pencil form, that’s pretty good. Oh, ps. I’m planning to do the A-Z About Me post that you did. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. I’d love to, but I own way too many Nike pairs D: Maybe I’ll pick it up later if it’s on sale or something, haha!

        Thanks! I’ll definitely check them out ๐Ÿ˜€

        Oh yay, can’t wait to see your answers!

        Btw, do you use bloglovin? I can’t seem to see your blog..

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