Padini weekend haul

Hello! I’m back with a overdue haul which I am suppose to post two weeks ago. Hehe.

Here are the things I got during the 3/4-day sale at Padini during the long weekend break.

This shopping trip is very impromptu, my mummy just wanted to see if there are shorts, no shorts for her that day, but we did manage to get other things!




First item! A top that has an interesting panel along the sides of it with mesh material. Thought the detail was rather cool.



Another top, long sleeved. It’s pretty simple with lace detail at the bottom. Simple and nice.



A staple piece in the wardrobe, a white sweater. I love this!



Yet another long sleeved top. A window paned checkered, pretty simple.



Got another one in white, it was a good deal!



Silky material long pants. Would pair it with a plain top with a statement necklace and red heels.



Dressy dress, this was pretty cheap, I am pretty sure it was under 40 ringgit.


Little jewel that makes it look like a necklace.


This has to be my favourite item that I got that day. A vibrant orangey black crop jacket. SUPER DEAL. There are also available in black and white, wish I gotten both! It’s only 59 ringgit! Normal price is 139. Such a nice jacket.



Random purchase, in fact, it’s the first thing I picked out cause it was only 21 ringgit. Haha, it looks bright orange in picture but it’s actually a bright coral colour.


Red shorts! I love red shorts, can’t remember the price but it was a good buy.



Plain black shorts, nothing special.



Another window paned checkered pattern, in shorts form. It’s the exact same pair with the black shorts except for the design. No one has too much shorts right? 😉



This skirt! I can clearly remember it was 39 ringgit right after we paid. I didn’t see the normal price tag before purchasing and thought it had a 50% off. Oh well, and it came with a belt too.


Good deals from that day!

I can’t remember all the prices but mostly are 39 ringgit. I think the most expensive was the jacket which I thought was an amazing deal.

ps. I only have 2 more weeks of classes to go and I’ll be done with my first semester!  Time really flies! I also had a good week of classes, some were rather fun! 😀

Have a good weekend!

Till next time!



Weekend Getaway at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Hello there! Last weekend I went to Port Dickson with my mum and sister and mum’s colleagues and their families. I was really looking forward to the trip because I really wanted a weekend getaway, just like the weekend in Hong Kong. 🙂 I actually expected more of that place, cause it looked absolutely beautiful in the photos but it wasn’t as nice but still very gorgeous! IMG_2062 IMG_7040 IMG_7039 IMG_7057 IMG_7082   View from the balcony pool area. Our room was private because we weren’t facing other other rooms, which is an absolute plus. IMG_2105   I went for a walk with my mum that evening. Too bad we couldn’t see the sunset, I bet it was beautiful, but this view is beautiful nonetheless. IMG_2127 IMG_2167 IMG_2175   The walkways were spacious, good for walks and runs. IMG_2156   Messy hair after a swim. Heh. IMG_2209   Went for another walk after dinner. So in love with the place. IMG_2183 IMG_2182 IMG_2216

Another swim session before bed. Hehe. (We had to go to one of my mum’s colleague’s (who’s also a family friend), room because there were birds flying around our pool for some reason.) IMG_2210 IMG_2184   The pools beautifully lights up the place. IMG_7088   Pool in our room. IMG_2065

Took a shameless selfie when we arrived. Heh, I had a wonderful weekend, I think I was in the pool at least four times. Haha. The first thing I did was jump into the pool when I woke up the next morning. I loved having the private pool, it was so convenient! I didn’t take much photos of the room, I took a short videos of it instead. 😀

Here are three very short video from my Snapchat story, except for the last one. I updated my Snapchat so frequently when I was there. I have more short videos, should I upload them?

Till next time!