Weekend Getaway at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Hello there! Last weekend I went to Port Dickson with my mum and sister and mum’s colleagues and their families. I was really looking forward to the trip because I really wanted a weekend getaway, just like the weekend in Hong Kong. 🙂 I actually expected more of that place, cause it looked absolutely beautiful in the photos but it wasn’t as nice but still very gorgeous! IMG_2062 IMG_7040 IMG_7039 IMG_7057 IMG_7082   View from the balcony pool area. Our room was private because we weren’t facing other other rooms, which is an absolute plus. IMG_2105   I went for a walk with my mum that evening. Too bad we couldn’t see the sunset, I bet it was beautiful, but this view is beautiful nonetheless. IMG_2127 IMG_2167 IMG_2175   The walkways were spacious, good for walks and runs. IMG_2156   Messy hair after a swim. Heh. IMG_2209   Went for another walk after dinner. So in love with the place. IMG_2183 IMG_2182 IMG_2216

Another swim session before bed. Hehe. (We had to go to one of my mum’s colleague’s (who’s also a family friend), room because there were birds flying around our pool for some reason.) IMG_2210 IMG_2184   The pools beautifully lights up the place. IMG_7088   Pool in our room. IMG_2065

Took a shameless selfie when we arrived. Heh, I had a wonderful weekend, I think I was in the pool at least four times. Haha. The first thing I did was jump into the pool when I woke up the next morning. I loved having the private pool, it was so convenient! I didn’t take much photos of the room, I took a short videos of it instead. 😀

Here are three very short video from my Snapchat story, except for the last one. I updated my Snapchat so frequently when I was there. I have more short videos, should I upload them?

Till next time!



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