I just came back from wonderful Bangkok a couple of days ago and I want to talk a bit on travel etiquettes. I’m blessed to be able to travel and see the world. I love every bit of travelling from the flights to the food and shopping.

I always take note of little things during I travel, today, it’s about airport/ plane etiquette from what I noticed during my flight from BKK to KUL. Usually I always just get annoyed and let it stay in my head for a while and forget it but this time, I’m just gonna let it all out.

Firstly, let’s start off with boarding. Imagine the scenario, passengers waiting at their gate, then an announcement for business class passengers, and passengers with babies or elderly to board the plane first then comes passengers with seat number 45 to 60 and it goes on. However, once the boarding announcement is heard, EVERYONE goes to the entrance and starts lining up even though it is not their turn to board. This can be rather irritating, why can’t people just wait for their turn? It’s not like the plane will take off without them.

Moving on, from my experience, I would say this happened a couple of times in different flights. The passenger in front of me (or my family members), reclined the seat as soon as they sit down. I have travelled a number of times, so I know that you’re not suppose to recline your seat during taxing, take off and landings. I would think that the lady who inclined the seat before and during take off would not know this, but there was a safety video played before take off and obviously this lady disregarded that. I was so very tempted to tell this lady to put their seat upright for takes off but I didn’t. The air stewardess did not manage to spot it when they were checking. Time passed and then the lady just happily reclined even more without thinking of the person sitting behind her. Thank you very much. The fact that she did not recline slowly made me so annoyed but at that time, I was too tired to care. Luckily before landing, as the stewardess was checking, they asked her to put her seat up right. Thank goodness for that. If you want to recline, please be considerate of the person behind you and recline slowly.. As for myself, when I recline my seat, I always look behind and see if I am ‘invading’ their space or not, though most of the time I don’t recline, I would only recline if it is a long haul flight.

Electronic devices are to be turned off during landing and take off. I was coming back from Beijing and this happened. We barely landed a couple of minutes and this lady just takes out her phone and started to dial a number. I stared in disbelief. I don’t know what to say.. I’ll leave this point here.

Next, seat belts. This happened when I was coming back from Bangkok. We landed at KLIA and before the plane comes to a 100% complete stop, I hear seat belts being unfastened and people stood up even before the lights were turn on (it was about 7.30pm, so during landing, the lights were turned off in the plane). Passengers were starting to get their bags from the overhead compartment. A lot of the passengers started lining up to go out. They must’ve felt the need to get out of the aircraft as fast as possible eh? Efficiency? Nope.

After exiting the plane, you go and collect your luggage. I was standing at an empty space far from where the bags comes out, since everyone was already crowding there, I waited somewhere further. As I was waiting, this girl, I would say about 9 or 10 years old and her family were also waiting for their bags. The girl saw their bag and quickly get it off the belt, and then she grabbed about three more bags and placed it right in front of me. I was already annoyed as she put her bags where I was waiting. She really did not have to walk to my side to collect her bag as the bag will rotate and reach her but no, as soon as she saw her bag, she walked to it and took it down. Fine, but she just left it in front of me, not even bringing it back to where she was waiting. So I moved away and then she came AGAIN collecting more bags, once again putting it in front of me. HELLO?! AM I INVISIBLE?! Seriously, and the parents were not doing anything. Thank god they left after taking their bags. Guess what, that girl took so many bags, one of it weren’t even theirs and she just left it on the floor. At least have some courtesy of putting it back on the belt so the owner of the bag can collect it. Do people not know these little manners? Luckily a man came and collected that bag the girl left on the floor. I was already annoyed with the lady that reclined her seat anyhow on the plane and now this little girl. I couldn’t wait to get back home to shower and sleep.

What are some of the unpleasant experiences you’ve experience while flying? Do share. 🙂

All these rants on the behaviour but there are some nice people. People that help with putting our hand luggage in the overhead compartment and people who let us walk before them when exiting.

Enough of negative rants, on another note, I had a wonderful trip to Bangkok. A haul coming up! 😀

Till next time.

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