Bangkok Haul

Hello there!

As promised, here’s what I got from Bangkok! 😀 IMG_7200

Miscellaneous things, a leather personalised notebook, I love it! A little owl keychain, from the same store where I got the leather book, it’s so cute. The owl is 3 for 100 baht, can’t remember the price for the book. The stripe headband is from Chatuchak market, for 25 baht if I’m not wrong. Too bad we went to Chatuchak too early, if not I’m sure there’s more clothes to buy! Moving on, the ribbons are from H&M, I saw them in Singapore too but contemplated whether to get them or not, didn’t get them from Singapore but got them in Bangkok! (ps. Nadya, Gayle, looook!) It’s 50 baht for two bows. I also got a few tights from H&M which I don’t know where they are..


Notebooooook. ❤


Oh, this notebook, I got it from Platinum Mall. Endless shopping. ❤


This is a military style sheer almost like a shirt dress. I’ll use it as a throw over just to add accent to any outfit. This item and the following two item are from the same store in Platinum Mall, again I can’t remember the price, it may be 200 baht per piece. Not 100% sure.


Another throw over shirt dress style, again for the same purpose of the military throw over. The neon orange top is just to show the shirt dress properly.


Excuse the creased clothes, heheheh.


Pretty skirt. I like that it’s short but long, if you know what I mean.


Detailing of the lace.


My mum saw this top and she thought the sleeves is interesting and I also thought it is interesting, so I got it. When I went back to the hotel to try it, the under arm part is so uncomfortable because of the thickness of the material. I’ll have to find a way to wear this.


Interesting sleeve detail.


This skirt and the following two items are from the same store, I got them at the street shops in MBK area. This polka dot skirt reminds me of the 60’s. So cute!


Another skirt, this one is more feminine. Florals!


This looks like a skirt but it’s actually a skort! It’s really comfortable!


I love this piece! It’s so dainty and cute! There’s a lot of design to choose from, I just want to buy them all! Haha.


I like the folded sleeves, a little different from the other things I got. This is also from Platinum Mall.


Another shirt dress/ shirt, I notice a trend here where I buy a lot of white and a few shirt dresses. This picture do no justice to this shirt, it’s actually quite flattering. Love it! This is from a street store along the MBK area.


A jumpsuit! I wanted to find something like this for a long time! This is from Chatuchak market and it cost 300 baht, this I clearly remember because my mum tried to bargain until the very end. Haha.


This is not from my Bangkok trip, my mum got this for me from Mango yesterday. it’s the sale season. I love it!


I paired the jumper and the jumpsuit together to illustrate the jumpsuit better. Haha. It’s definitely too hot to wear it like this in Malaysia, but you can wear anything under the jumpsuit really. Endless possibilities.


Cute socks! At first my mum thought it is for kids, but it’s actually for adults, they stretch a lot. However, these are not the best socks, you have to really stretch them out to make it fit your fit. The colours are a plus!


Lastly, duty free!


The other two products are my mum’s so I won’t go in detail about it. I actually have not try it out yet as I still have my daily products to use. I’ve wanted to try this range of product for a while now and I finally got it! 😀


It smells really nice and the packaging is so pretty! What’s not to like? Hopefully it is a good product!

That’s all for this time.

Till next time!



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