HIGH4 First Showcase Promo Tour in Malaysia

안녕하세요! I'm still in the process of learning Korean, slowly but today I have an announcement! If you don't know already, South Korean boy band, HIGH4 is coming to Malaysia for their first showcase presented by New Pro Star! The 4 charming (one of the many traits) members, Sunggu, Alex, Myunghan and Young Jun will be… Continue reading HIGH4 First Showcase Promo Tour in Malaysia


Innisfree Mini Haul

Hi! I'm back with a mini Innisfree haul. I have been absolutely loving Innisfree. I love their sheet masks. ❤ I decided to get myself a birthday present since it was my birthday yesterday. I bought the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion. This product along with the Long Wear Cushion has popped up on my Facebook… Continue reading Innisfree Mini Haul


It's been two weeks since I last updated. In the two weeks, I actually have started my second semester of university. My one month of holidays went by just like that! Incredibly fast. I went to Bangkok and Pulau Pangkor during the break and it was fun. Though the weather in Pulau Pangkor was scorching… Continue reading Update